Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play?

  • First, create an account. Once the account is created, open the confirmation email and click ‘accept’.
  • Next, log into your account using your username and password that you just created. Once you log in, you’ll see our member’s page. This is where you select the category/prize you would like to win. Simply add the number of tickets you would like to your basket and click the “Proceed to Play Tickets” button.
  • Once the “Proceed to Play Tickets” button is selected, it will take you to the Spot the ball competition. This is the fun part!
  • Spot the ball is a game of skill. A sports-related action shot display is used for the competition. Mark your spot/s where you think the center of the ball is for every ticket you have purchased. Your selections are not final and can be changed until you checkout by submitting payment.

Why do we use spot the Ball?

  • Legally, we are obligated to use a “game of skill” to determine the winner of the competitions. This is not a sweepstakes or raffle. You must use your skill and judgment against our professional judging panel to decide where the center of the ball is. Your selected points will be recorded as (x and y) coordinates. You can view your coordinates in your account or via email when tickets are purchased.

How many tickets can I buy?

  • As many as you’d like, During our Freemium Access we credit each players account with 10 credits monthly!

How much are the tickets?

  • During our Freemium Access Tickets are “FREE” once we launch our Premium Membership tickets will be $1 each

Where do I buy tickets?

  •  Tickets are purchased online.

What do I win?

  •  Each competition lasts for 1 month. One winner will win the prize they selected that matches their coordinates that is closest to the judge’s decision.

How is the winner decided?

  • At the end of the competition, the same spot the ball picture you used to select your coordinates is shown to our judging panel (professional sporting experts). In the presence of an independent lawyer, they mark where they think, in their professional opinion, the center of the ball is. The winner is simply the person who is closest to the judge’s position.

What if there is a tie?

  •  The winner will be determined by calculating the next closest entry of the two players’ entries consecutively. If the tying player only picked one spot, another completion is open for a tie breaker. Please see Terms and Conditions for Tie scenarios.

How do I know if I win?

  • There will be a winner after each competition even if you don’t pick the center of the ball. Whoever is closest wins!
  • When the spot is selected from our panel of judges, the winner will receive an email and a phone call from the information that was provided when the user signed up.

How Do I claim my prize?

  • The first prize winner will be required to send a copy of their registration and state issued Driver’s license to the promoter to confirm the winner’s identity and proof of purchase

For more information please reach out to