How to Play our Skills Challenge


First, create an account by putting in your new username, email address and password. Next, click the Register button below. Once submitted, the account is created but will need to be verified. Check your email for an account activation link. Note: it may take a few minutes for you to receive the email with the activation link.

Next, log into your account using your new username and password that was just created.



Once logged in, you’ll see our member’s page. This is where you can select the category or prize you would like to win. During our Freemium access you will receive 10 free credits each month. To select the number of tickets hover over the “+add tickets” button below the prize image.

You can purchase multiple tickets for different prizes but you will only be able to win the prize that is associated with the closest ticket to the judge’s position.

For Example, If you have 2 tickets, One for (Prize A) and one for (Prize B), The Ticket closest to the Judges Point is (Prize B), you would win (Prize B).

Once you’ve added all of the tickets click “Proceed to Play Tickets”. Please remember every ticket purchased is for the prize that is selected. If you would like to add more tickets, at any time, you can click the green button at the top of the screen that says “Pick & Play”.



Next comes the fun part! Spot the ball is a game of skill. A sports-related action shot display is used for the competition. Mark where you think the center of the ball is. You’ll have one mark for every ticket you have purchased. Your selections are not final and can be changed before you checkout. With every individual click, place your tickets strategically where you feel the center of the ball is located. Keep in mind to reference, possible movements, body positions, type of sport, and background references to judge where your points should be placed. In this render we have added red lines depicting possible references you can use to judge the photos.

Once you have selected all of your positions with the tickets you have chosen, please click the gold button that says “checkout”. Once prompted, you will have to complete your member profile. This information is needed so we can contact the winner in a timely fashion. Once completed, you’ll be taken to our secured payment gateway. Please fill in the fields and click “submit payment”.


Our Online Skill Competitions run each month. The judging process begins once the competition closes and the next competition begins, we will announce the guaranteed winner on the close of the competition via our Home page and social media. When competing in our online competitions, you don’t have to be the exact spot as the judge. When the competition closes, it’s simple be the closest ticket to the judge’s and win the prize!